Giving Back 2020

As we approach the holiday season, the Power Station wants to encourage you to give back. 

This month, we have a couple of different ways you can give back to your community and to the people around you. 

Community Center Pickup.png

The Sterling Community Center houses many different events and programs that serve the surrounding community. They have began providing childcare during the school day to allow parents to go to work while also continuing their afterschool programs. They also house many basketball games, pickleball games, community outreach events and more. This community center is highly trafficked day in and day out. Our desire is to show our support to this community center by picking up trash around the building and at their football field. We would love for you and your family to help us clean up and serve this community. 


Project Host of Greenville is a soup kitchen on the outskirts of downtown. Their mission is to use food as a tool to nourish the hungry and train the unemployed. We have decided to help this organization by creating Hygiene Kits. These kits are in high demand from their patrons.

Our goal is to supply Project Host of Greenville with 100 bags by the end of the month.

Along with donating Hygiene Kits, we are asking for people to consider donating warm clothes and blankets. There is a need for these items as we approach the winter months.   

Giving Back--clothes drive.png