We’ve expanded our Game of Life…In Quarantine for the month of May!  With multiple ways to play, this board game style challenge will get you and your family sweating!



The One Off Version: Play against your family in one sitting or over the course of a few days and see who can be the first to reach the finish line!  For reference, it took us about an hour playing rapid fire to finish!


The Month Long Version: Take one turn each day of the workweek to add some extra fun to your daily workout routine!  Send in your place on the board each Monday to compete against other Power Station members and the PS Staff! We’ll keep an updated board of everyone’s progress on the website.



The Game of Life starts on Monday, May 4th.  We want to see how you play; send us an email, post a selfie on Facebook or the Forum, or let us know at the PS Pow Wow!